5 Reasons A Dog Licks Their Paws

You may have noticed your dog licking its paws constantly and for no apparent reason, but do you know what causes them to it?

The reasons vary, some need immediate attention from our veterinarian, and others are not of major concern, however, if they require due attention

1. Boredom – Usually this happens when our dog has little physical activity, does not go for a walk often or spends a lot of time alone. By licking its legs, generates endorphins that reassure you a little, but beware, this behavior can be obsessive and cause a greater psychological problem.

2. Stress – Some dogs, when they feel they are in a stressful situation, release tension by licking their paws, it is important that you watch your dog, so you do not confuse their nervousness with bad behavior, but control this situation could hurt the same for the intense friction when licking.

3. Allergies – Although you may not believe it, your dog may also suffer from certain allergies caused by some food, substance or sting.

4. Pain – You have to identify if your dog licks only one paw, since he may be feeling pain only there. Check carefully to see if you can find a wound, sting or an injured nail. Be careful, if there is an injury, your dog may react to you touching where it hurts.

5. Parasites  – this happens when your dog spends a lot of time outdoors and in hot weather, causing the insect bites, therefore causing increased licking to relieve the intense itching.

Whatever the cause, do not forget always to check your dog’s legs and paws to see if there is any injury and if they continue with that behavior, take them to the veterinarian to make sure everything is fine.

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