Choosing the Right Dog Toy

This can be a monumental task – choosing the right toy for your dog. Let’s face it, there is a great deal to choose from, so what should we look at when making your selection. Primary, two things to consider when choosing the right toy: dental protection and durability.

Some things to ask yourself: Why is our dog so demanding? How to find out which toy my dog will like? The last thing you want to do is purchase a whole lot of toys, and your dog plays with them for less than a minute then care less about the toy. This happens when the toy appeals to us humans, so we need to be practical.

Dogs look at toys like a wolf observes its prey. These tendencies shouldn’t surprise us if your dog prefers food-flavored toys that can tear, or make some noise.

Dogs by their wild instinct see less attractive toys that are hard and difficult to manipulate. After all, if you cannot chew them, what would be the entertainment for the dog?

Dogs constantly want to discover new things. Therefore, this attracts them a whole lot at first, but studies have proven when dogs become familiar with a toy; they lose interest in it.

Dogs have more interest when playing with someone than playing by themselves. Being social living beings, dogs perceive our emotions easily if you are happy your dog will be happy. Simple as that. Involving yourself with your dog – make it a game by adding a toy, will make play more interesting.

The most attractive toys for dogs

From surveys performed concluded the list of dogs’ favorite toys, are rubber toys, ropes, balls, socks, stuffed animals and plastic bottles. This is why we see some big name brands, leading the way in dog toys.

One thing to consider, each dog has his personality and an energy level that can vary according to his physical activity. But the most advisable thing you can do is to dedicate a few minutes in the day to play with your dog and you too can enjoy the experience much better if you can implement toys your dog can chew or manipulate easily, which will keep you’re your dog’s interest. Think of it this way, have you ever purchased a toy to play fetch to only throw it and your dog sits there and looks at you. Just sayin’.

Pay attention to the toy material

Keep in mind that toys that tend to tear more easily. Damaged toys can create a problem with your dog if your dog swallows any part of the toy. It is essential that you control the interaction of your dog with the toy. This way you can see if there is a problem with the toy. Keep in mind, if you see the toy coming apart, go get it from him. Carefully inspect the toy to see if any parts are missing. If your dog presents strange behavior, after manipulating a toy, it’s possible a part may have been injected – contact your veterinarian.

It can be a difficult decision to choose the right toys for your dog. Research is needed while getting to know your dog. Something else that is helpful is to look at dog toy reviews, especial if they have the same type of dog. We will also do our research and recommend products.

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