What You Should know Prior to Adopting a Dog Part V

Is your family cooperative?

You need help, and it is something that we all must accept. Everyone who shares a home should feel good about having a dog in the house. Naturally, dogs live their lives in groups*, and most are very unhappy if they are left alone in a yard.

*Before you get ahead of yourself, I am not suggesting you get several dogs at the same time. While this will probably make your dog very happy, more dogs mean more responsibility.

Dogs do not want a large yard to run and have fun by themselves; they want to feel the warm aroma of your presence and your face to kiss when you are at home with them. If you can not keep a dog in the house, it will be a bad idea to bring one to your family. Also, try to take your dog outdoors or a dog park much as possible to your pet. Dog parks are a great place for your dog to socialize and play.

All people who share your house should be willing to learn how to help teach the dog good manners, and not confuse it by using similar words to reference two different actions. You will need help short term if you have to be away, late or if you’re sick. All family members need to be on the same page with the training so you do not confuse the dog. Not all at once, but gradually allow a family member to do the commands and help with the responsibility so the dog gets used to them.

What is important is when any family commands your dog to “Sit” your dog should sit and be rewarded. These simple things will help and if you have to be away, you and your dog will not be stressed out.

What are your long-term plans?

You need to be at least one step ahead and ask yourself things like; what will change in the future for both you and your dog, are you going to study or work? And if so, can you take your dog with you? If the dog can not go to the place where the master is, what will happen to him?

Always think about what comes next. Find out about kindergartens, okay maybe daycare for dogs where you can leave them when you can not take care of them during the day. This is something to consider before you bring your dog home.

Also, find out about dog training classes before your puppy leaves kindergarten or daycare and look into the future, think about fun things they can do with your dog to keep him busy and active.

Now with all of this said, consider the cost of all of this before you bring your puppy or adult dog home. Once your puppy is trained, one thing to consider as a free alternative, contact senior citizen facilities to see if they wouldn’t having your well trained dog socialize with the residents.

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