What You Should know Prior to Adopting a Dog Part III

Who has the responsibility?

Many people may disagree, but there should be only one person responsible for the daily care of the dog. Of course, that person can ask for help, but he must be responsible and make sure that his “assistant” does the job well. Meeting all the needs of a dog does not mean just pleasing him when he needs fun. This task can sometimes get boring, or you may get tired of it.

If you have trouble carrying out the basic care of your dog for reasons of time, this may not be the right time to get a dog. Having a dog is a responsibility, always remember it, which is why I will keep reminding you of this

The first people responsible for dogs in a house must be adults. If the adults are not willing to take that responsibility, then it is not appropriate to have a dog. If there is a child at home, getting rid of a dog because a child could not care for it can disappoint the child, and more seriously, it is very likely that this will lead the dog to a bad destination. This cannot be emphasized enough the importance of evaluating the situation before adopting a pet at home.

Do you have the necessary patience?

Dogs during their puppy stage are like babies . Therefore they will do things that can make you angry; this happens because they are learning. And as they grow up they will act like teenagers. They try to get away with doing what they want, instead of what you as the owner want.

In their adult stage, dogs often, if they have not been taught properly, will need help to learn as well. Even adult dogs have little impulse control, while their IQ can be as high as that of a six- or seven-year-old human being; impulse control is more like that of a three-year-old child. Being firm with the dog is fine, but getting angry is useless, and it can make things worse. The form of teaching that leads to your dog being healthy and happy, instead of fearful or angry, takes patience and understanding, do not forget it.

Getting rid of a dog for bad behavior can have some serious and adverse effects on children within the family. The child, in most cases, loves the dog despite his behavior. Before thinking about getting rid of your dog, think if you are really up to it , be aware that you really did your best for him, keep in mind also the amount of lessons learned by your dog and the process that led to do it Ask yourself something before making a decision as radical as it is to abandon your pet, for example: When a task is difficult, do you usually give up or work through time with dedication to obtain the desired result ?.

Before buying or adopting a dog think about how you will handle the situation if he gets to demand more work than you expect when it comes to maintaining it properly.



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