Why Dogs Scratch or Circle their Bed before Going to Bed

As if it were some type of ritual, the scratching of the bed where the dog sleeps and to circle it before going to bed is a very common behavior in all dogs . Even, more more so in older dogs. What is the reason for this behavior?

Once again, the wildest instincts of our furry friends emerge from time to time in such everyday situations as the fact of going to sleep. These two behaviors that usually draw much attention from the owners by their dogs are due to several reasons, all linked to their ancestor the wolf:

Scratch the bed or the ground where they will lie down to rest. This behavior is given by their ancestors, who at that time, were not lucky enough to sleep in a bed or a smooth surface.Scratching the surface achieved several things: to accommodate the soil, eliminate possible bugs, regulate the temperature and mark its territory.

You already know that the dog has a strong sense of territory and today he tells us in many ways: urinating to mark, scratching the ground after doing his things, scratching his bed. The dog communicates visually in this way so that others will not try to occupy his site by leaving his essence.

You may have noticed, in hot weather, how the dog barely uses his bed, preferring the floor to sleep where it is cooler. Or if they are outside, they may dig, not because they are bored, but they are scratching the surface to get to where it is cooler.

Another reason, which has nothing to do with the previous ones, is because their nails are too long and they need to clean them. When dogs live inside a house, their nails are scarcely filed, and if we do not take care that they are of an adequate length, the dog can look for his own file to end the annoyance caused by too long nails.

The last reason, and to keep in mind, is when your dog scratches the bed, the reason is not long fingernails, but anxiety. Your dog is warning you that he needs to exercise urgently.

Rotate on the bed or floor before lying down.

There are dogs that despair spinning on their bed. There are those who go around, lie down, get up and go around again and so on, several times. Why doe he do this behavior?

As it happens with the previous one, we must also look for the reasons in their most natural instincts. Rolling around on its own is a way of sweeping away danger that may haunt him and then curl up in a ball.

Your dog is not only making his bed more accommodating, but is looking for the best position to protect his weakest areas (such as vital organs, such as ​​the belly, chest, etc.) of possible attacks from others animals and to maintain a warm temperature during the time he spends sleeping.

When your dog is turning over itself intermittently or out of bed, he is manifesting clear signs of anxiety, so you would need to increase the level of physical activity.

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