Basic Training for a Puppy Part III

Now that we have perfected teaching you puppy the importance of Good Manners and to Obey in Part I, Part II, Leash and Collar Training, Here and Sit. Now it’s time to move onto the next part of Basic Training for a Puppy.

The Command (Down or Lie Down)

Once your puppy sits when you order it, it will not be difficult to teach him the “Down” command. With one hand, hold it by the collar, give it the command “Down” and gently press its haunch with the other. As soon as he is seated, use your right hand to slide your front legs forward while continuing to press down with the left. Another way to do it is to pass the leash under your shoe and tighten it with your right hand while pressing on your shoulders with the left, saying at the same time “Down.” When you want to get up, give the order “Up” and go one or two steps. Repeating this procedure will soon teach your dog to lie on its four legs upon receiving the command.

The Command (Stay)

Stay is an extension of the “Sit” and “Down” commands. First, command the puppy to sit (Sit) or lie down (Down). Face the dog, give it the command “Stay.” Go back slowly, raising a finger to warn him not to move. If they do, say “No!” Energetically. Leave the leash on the ground, from it to you, as you move away backwards. Keep repeating “Stay” (or the command you have chosen) or “No,” depending on your reaction. With each lesson try to go back a little more until there is a free space between you and the end of the strap. If at the beginning your puppy stays in position, even just for a moment, praise him and reward him.

The Command (Come or Let’s Go)

The correct way to walk with a mature dog is as follows: Using your left hand, grab the leash, allowing the leash across your body in front until you reach the dog that is sitting to your right; with the left hand you control the slack of the belt, shortening it or lengthening it as necessary. Say clearly “Toby, let’s go” and start walking with the first step with your left foot. If the dog comes forward, give it a good pull with the left hand, but re-loosen the leash immediately. The pull with the strap is what gets the dog to learn.

You both may feel uncomfortable at first, and you will soon learn that if you walk correctly at the height of your left knee, there will be no jerks. Keep walking, keep yanking the leash when necessary, and keep repeating the command. Some trainers use a roll of newspapers to tap the dog every time they give the order “Come on” but personally I have never seen it necessary. However, patting the left leg can sometimes be helpful and reward him with praises when his in the correct position. By doing these training sessions for fifteen minutes twice a day. You’ll be surprised how quickly he learns.

The Command (Shake Hands).

Puppies slap each other while playing. Your puppy will slap at you as well. Great. Grab her little leg and shake it. Is it the wrong leg? Yes, since most puppies will extend the leg closest to your hand. Command your puppy to sit. With the puppy in a sitting position, push her right shoulder with your left hand. When she raises the front leg, take her “hand” in your right hand, bend it, and then reward it. Keep repeating the “Shake Hands” command each time you do this action.

Repeat, and you will get good results immediately with your new puppy .

Remember to go through what your puppy has learned for reinforcement and reward when they follow the command. If they have forgotten something, go through that particular training again.

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