Basic Training for a Puppy Part II

Now that we have perfected teaching you puppy the importance of Good Manners and to obey in Part 1, now it’s time to move onto the next part of puppy training.

Training with Collar and Leash – The Command (Quiet)

It is not difficult to teach this to a puppy , but before you start, use it to wear a collar and leash. Accustom it to the necklace by letting it wear it around the house for longer periods each day. After a couple of days doing this, you can take them out for their first ride. Call him by your side, and when you take your first step, say “Quiet” or some similar order that is, from that moment, always the same.

This is an obedience order that you will have to learn later, so it is not bad that you begin to know it from the beginning. You will probably want to stay behind or run ahead and pull the strap in one or the other direction. However, continue your walk, drawing it towards you (and repeating “quiet” or the word you have chosen for that purpose). Soon you will realize that it is useless to fight and that you will be more comfortable if he follows you in your movements. When he follows you, pet and reward him.

The Command (Here)

Using a leash at least five yards to the collar of your puppy , from which you will find a large assortment in the animal shops. Let your puppy be distracted for a moment, and then, when his attention is focused on something else, call him by his name and give the order: “Toby, here!” (Okay, of course you will substitute your dog’s name) If he responds, pet him and reward him with a treat. Let him play again, repeating the call at intervals. Before a long time has passed, he may refuse to go when you call. Take the free end of the leash firmly, repeat the order and give it a good pull. He will probably try to resist, but keep repeating the command; a few strong pulls will probably convince him to come close. If it does not, pull the leash to bring it closer to you, but reward him in spite of everything. As bad as your puppy behaves, never quarrel when it approaches you. A dog always has to think that when you say “Here” something good will happen to him.

The Command (Sit)

With your puppy facing you or your side, hold the leash with your right hand so that it is tight, and give the command “Sit.” At the same time, lean forward and with your left hand press his haunch until you feel it. He may want to lie down or lie on your side. Do not let him. Straighten him with your left hand on its side. Reward him with a treat and praise. Repeat the routine several times, always rewarding him when he responds well. Soon he will associate the order with the pressure on his haunch and anticipate it before you touch it.

Continue to go over each command until you’re confident your puppy has all the commands. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Stay tuned for Part III

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