Things to Consider Before Dog Training

As a child, I had many dogs, so I grew up learning about them. Through trial and error, there are a few ways to carry out dog training, and we can help others with dog training as well. Everyone can learn to train their dog, the main things you need are love and patience.

There are very simple and easy basics to follow when you begin training your dog. We must understand these animals, understand how they work, how they think and live. Dogs live day to day; that does not mean that they do not have memory, but they do not relate to present events or the past at a conscious level. If for example, you scream at your pet because an hour ago they broke a vase, he will not understand it. One thing that is important –  for a dog to understand that it has done something wrong, you have to catch before they are doing it.

Animals need constant vigilance. That is extremely important. You cannot tell your dog they are doing wrong if you do not see them. And if you catch them, then it will not help. Not at all. You have to watch your dog you be able to teach them, as it happens – just like you would with small children.

According to scientific data, a dog can have the intelligence level of a three-year-old child: he can associate ideas, learn words (up to 300), but we can not expect him to understand that he did something wrong that already happened.

Apart from surveillance, of course, there are other things you must do and understand: a dog needs everything first, a home, food, and company. It’s basic, and I’m sure you want to give it everything. But also, and this is something many forget it, discipline is necessary. A dog is a hierarchical animal, and it needs primarily to be a leader or follower in the pack, in the family, with you. He needs to be guided by his owner. Not only because it is the nature of the dog, but because if he does not obey, he will try to guide you and develop all kinds of detestable habits, such as urinating in the house, biting the furniture, growling at visitors, or not listening.

Training your dog is not difficult, do not be intimidated. You only have to meet your dog’s needs, and they are not many: give them the discipline, the home, the love and the exercise they need, and you will get an ideal dog.

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