How to Care for My Dog’s Hair

Just as we must take care of our skin not only for an aesthetic theme but also for health, when it comes to our adorable companion you have to do the same with your coat especially because the attentions in this aspect will help you to keep your house much cleaner and your pet happier.

Here are some tips, so you know how to take care of your dog’s hair in a simple way.

 Steps to follow:


  1. Many times we complain that our house is full of dog hair and we do not know how to clean them. The best way to control this it to take care of the animal’s coat in-between professional grooming.
  2. From a young age of a puppy or if you rescued your new loved one, you should get used to brushing at least every two days; this will help you keep your hair cleaner and reduce hair loss. This way your dog will smell better, you will have to bathe less frequently, and you will see less hair on your furniture, carpets, and clothes.
  3. Also, this task will quickly help you identify when your dog has fleas or any other problem with the fur that may affect their health.
  4. Many dog brushes are on the market with specific design elements for different types of hair: long, thick, for dogs with delicate skin, to reduce matting, etc. The recommendation is to consult your veterinarian, dog groomer, or a specialized store before making the purchase.
  5. In the case of long-haired dogs, it is normal for brushing to take more time. You want to maintain a long healthy coat; bushing must do it thoroughly. Take this opportunity to strengthen the bond with your pet and give him or her a little pampering.
  6. Often we wonder how often to bathe our dog. There is no real real straight answer since it depends on the breed. If we keep up with adequate care of his hair, the only time to do it is when he smells bad or when for some reason (he played in a puddle of mud for example) he has gotten more dirty more than normal, or it is time for trim up or haircut.
  7. Leg hair is also important to focus attention, especially during drastic changes to the weather. Use a cloth or a damp sponge to clean the dirty hair near their paws and paw pads This way you will be able to control infections and problems in the area, such as the nails are too long.
  8. Its tail also deserves care. Clean the hair from the back of any dirt that may have dragged if it is long-tailed dogs. The tail is another part of your dog that needs to be brushed.
  9. The hair around the snout can also get dirty with food, or because it was playing with something, you can also clean it with a damp cloth, sponge or mild baby wipes. As for the area around the eyes remove dirt with a wet cotton ball or pad, do it periodically to avoid problems in this delicate part of your dog.
  10. While maintaining your dog’s coat, if you notice more hair than normal or if the skin has some irritation, a wound or skin sensitivity go to the vet.

This article is merely informative, to help with home care. We recommend taking your pet to the veterinarian at any signs of discomfort.


  • Remember that your dog deserves all the attention and affection to live healthy and happy life.
  • In the case of large dogs with long hair, brushing may take time, but it is a task that due to its health should be done.
  • If you notice matting in your dog’s fur, your dog may not let you continue brushing. Matted fur is painful. Bring your dog to a professional dog grooming salon. You may have two options, spot cutting the matting out, or if too sever, your dog will need shaving pretty close and start his or her coat again.

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