10 Forbidden Foods for Dogs

Many dog ​​owners have a strong desire to please their dogs by giving them a bit of a treat, especially when they put a sad expression on their furry face as if they hadn’t eaten for more than a week. However, some foods can be harmful to them and cause irreversible damage to their health, which can even lead to death. That is why, thinking about the welfare of your dogs, in this article, we will show you ten prohibited foods for dogs, read on! You will know the reason why you should not include them in your dog’s diet. On the other hand, we recommend you to see how to choose a good food for your dog that nourishes it and does not affect your health.

1) Chocolate

Although delicious for us, chocolate has theobromine, a substance similar to caffeine. Ingestion, even in small amounts, can cause symptoms in the dogs such as vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst, tremors, seizures and abnormal heartbeat. Sweets can also cause allergies and cause severe poisoning, resulting in death. So, be very careful with this, because in festive seasons like Easter, attention doubles!

Therefore, choose only chocolates developed exclusively for animals and sold under veterinary supervision.

2) Alcoholic beverages

Beer, liquor, wine, and drinks in general, which contain alcohol produce the same effects in the liver and brain of a dog, which occurs in humans. However, the damage to dogs is even greater, particularly for the youngest ones, as they cause vomiting, diarrhea, changes in the central nervous system, coordination problems, difficulty in breathing, coma, and even death.

3) Grapes or raisins

Although many “food for dogs ” contain grapes or raisins, this is food that should not give to dogs. And, although it is not known with certainty why it is not well accepted, grapes and raisins are associated with early kidney failure, vomiting, and can leave your dog quite apathetic.

4) Macadamia

Only a small amount of macadamia for the dog can poison it and even kill it. If your dog ingests these types of nuts, they generate severe poisoning with symptoms that include muscle tremors, weakness or paralysis of the hind limbs, vomiting, elevated body temperature and rapid heart rate.

5) Garlic and Onion


Garlic and onions cause the same negative effect on the health of dogs. Both in their cooked, dehydrated, powdered or even raw versions, the two foods may destroy red blood cells in the animal, which could lead to anemia. If ingested in large quantities, garlic and onions can cause poisoning with symptoms such as weakness, vomiting, apathy, lack of appetite and air.

6) Avocado

Despite being harmless to humans, the avocado joined the list of most dangerous foods for ASPCA dogs in 2009. That’s because of the entire avocado plant – seeds, barks, leaves, and fruits – contains a substance called Persin, which is highly toxic and lethal to dogs.

7) Drinks with Caffeine

No matter how much your dog ingests, caffeine can be lethal to the dog, and there are no antidotes. The reaction in the body of animals is similar to a poisoning and, when ingested, causes symptoms such as restlessness, rapid breathing, palpitations, muscle tremors, seizures, and hemorrhage. It is important to keep in mind that, in addition to tea and coffee, caffeine is also in cocoa, chocolate and energy drinks. Some cold medicines and human painkillers may also contain caffeine.

8) Bones

Boiled, or raw bones can be responsible for very serious internal injuries and can also lead to the death of the animal. When boiled, the bones become brittle and can damage the mouth or any internal organ in the digestive tract system, where the bone can get stuck or even perforate some part of the body causing internal bleeding. As an alternative, owners can opt for industrialized options.

9) Fruits with seeds

In general, the problem is not the actual fruit, but rather, its seeds.  Lumps present in them can cause inflammation in the small intestine of dogs. Also, the seeds can also cause obstruction, hemorrhage and even poisoning. Try to prevent your dogs from eating the seeds and the peels of the fruit.

10) Sweets and Sugary foods

Sweets are very tasty, but they can be great villains to animals. Sweets, in general, have xylitol, a substance that increases the insulin that circulates in the body of the dog. If this happens, there will be a change in the sugar levels in dogs that can lead to liver failure. Some of the symptoms include vomiting, lethargy, and loss of coordination. Over time, the dog may have seizures. Hepatic failure can occur within a few days.

A dog is always more than a simple pet. Your dog is a faithful friend and a member of your home. He cannot rationally choose what he eats. Remember to help him avoid eating these foods that may be nutritious or tasty for you, but the makeup of your animal is very different.

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